The Tantris Experience

Tantris is beauty, apparel, community, yoga, meditation, a lifestyle and so much more.

Each vertical of Tantris comes together to create the lifestyle of an urban yogi. A holistic approach to living one's best life inside and out. All pillars of Tantris are present in our West Hollywood Flagship studio where we offer hot yoga and meditation classes, special events, teacher trainings, wellness products and beauty services.


Our Classes

Embark on a dynamic and therapeutic hot yoga experience from start to finish.


Our Studio

The Flagship Tantris Center is a center for the practice and learning of hot yoga.


Our Teachers

Our renowned teachers provide inspiration & guidance to uplift your practice.

I come for my health, to learn Yoga, for the community and the beautiful energy that emanates from the center.
— Tantris Community Member
 Student Meditating 
 Yoga Students